Unique Properties for Sale in Knysna

Knysna is home to some really incredible property locations. But the specific desires of the investors would determine the choice of location.  On a private beach, cliff top sites with ocean views, north facing sites with the comforting cuddle of indigenous forest, or the ever popular sites overlooking one or more of the greens on an incredible golf estate.

Investors are really spoilt for choice in Knysna.  Homes with wine cellars that do justice to the pallets of wine connoisseurs. The almost OTT appointment of homes built on a limitless budget, where no expense has been spared to please or satisfy. Homes on the waterfront where those who love boating and fishing would have difficulty being away from home at some other venue.

For the bold and adventurous there are vacant stands waiting for the expression of an owner or architect that can extend and magnify the natural pallet that the site offers.  This is where silence and tranquility are almost tangible. It’s like walking through a “stargate” into an environment dating back to the dawn of Africa.  Even the game, birds, and wildlife, bear testimony to the exclusivity of the location, away from the noise and congestion of city life.

It is as if the gods colluded to create a very special place where water, forest, mountains, the sea, and all the related atmosphere is melded into an incomparable whole.  The moment you drive down into the estuary basin the rest of the world seems to disappear and you find yourself in this idyllic setting where you can breath, hear the heartbeat of nature, and allow your spirit to expand.

I have lived and worked hers since 1991 and I would love to be your guide and counselor should you wish to escape from the hustle and the bustle, the pollution and the stress.

Hazel Dijkstra  082 345 9878 hazel@remaxcoastal.co,za

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