Property owners who urgently need to sell their properties need intensified and specific real estate services. There is no silver bullet or some secret formula as a solution to this need. What is required is the help and counseling of a well qualified and competent property professional.  After due discussion of all the relevant information and the formulation of an agreed mandate, in which all the parameters are clearly defined, that consultant must present to the seller a detailed plan of action that will deliver the desired sale of the property within an agreed time frame.

It is critically important for the property owner to know what action will be taken, by when, and what needs to be done if the agreed action plan still does not deliver the desired result.

Wishing or hoping for something that cannot be done, or is most unlikely to happen, in the relevant economic and sociopolitical climate is an exercise in futility.  If the job to be done, the sale of the house or property, is beset by unrealistic expectations, no goal orientated consultant will dedicate time and effort to the marketing of the property, and all too often the financial needs of the owner are not compatible with the financial realities relating to the property.

Even the worst real estate can be sold if the buyer perceives value for the price he or she is expected to pay.  But it is in the quantifying of the value of a property that real property professional shine, because there are many, often unconsidered, components that contribute to a valuation.

Should you have a property that you need to sell and you are having difficulty doing that, engage us in a discussion so that we can disclose all the relevant aspects that need to be taken into consideration.  We have no doubt that you will be surprised by the missing information that is preventing the sale of your property.

When we did the exercise on this property it was sold.

Wont sell property


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