We really think that this concept puts the horse before the cart as it should be.
Consider a room with a large table in the centre. Anyone can enter the room, either virtually or physically, and after being qualified as a bona fide investor, place the description of the item he or she needs or wants on the table.
In the case of a property, the parameters placed on the table could include details of: Price, rooms, ground size, preferred suburb or location, photographs of homes that would meet the expectations of the investor/s, and any other relevant information. The more detailed the profile presented by the investors, the easier it becomes for property owners to match the requirements with properties available for sale.
All the property owners, that want or need to sell their properties, can then visit the room and inspect the specifications or wish lists on the table, and if they feel that the property they own matches the profile on the table, they can offer their property for viewing and inspection. The first steps in that process being a full description of the property being offered and access to visual material. Only once the initial review of that information and visual material has been done by the investor, would the physical viewing and inspection be done.
All the subjective components related to property transactions are now eliminated. The information is current, valid, and qualified.
But more importantly, property owners that would not have listed their properties with agents or agencies, now have access to buyers, and these property owners can decide whether or not to offer what they have to the respective investors. In practical terms, only genuine sellers would be given access to the buyer table.

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