There is a huge shortage of starter homes in Knysna and a related opportunity for property developers, builders, or architects, to provide these homes.  Such a developer would obviously need ground at a viable price, preferably zoned and approved as  general residential, ready for the submission of plans and the development process.

But what if all that was done and dusted.  The ground at an amazing price, a built in income package from the date of registration, and even a set of approved plans that could be revived and used. Do the math.  If the 6 stands cost you as little as R 183 000.00 each, and the existing house, on one corner of the property, gave you an immediate monthly income of R R 7 000.00, how much profit could you make.  What would it cost you to build the 6 units, that you could sell for R 900 000.00 each?

The present cost of the 3 stands is R 1 100 000.00.  The stand with the house has a value of R 1 400 000.00.  There would be no transfer duty on the 3 stands, and only R 50 000.00 on the stand with the house on it.  6 units at R 900 000.00 each is R 5 400 000.00.

Beautiful views of the lagoon.  Walking distance from the CBD of Knysna.  The best neighborhood watch  unit in Knysna. Entrance to the 6 units from the north and south side of the property.  All in all an incredible opportunity.

Call Peter Dijkstra at 082 493 1520 or Hazel Dijkstra 082 345 9878 urgently

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