You are probably familiar with the saying “Too near the wood to see the trees.”  When it comes to property, that is currently the situation. The conventional methodology applied to the sale or purchase of a property has been in place for decades and has some really significant shortcomings. Particularly when it comes to finding a new home, or selling a home for that matter.  Here is a view from an appropriate distance.

It is a well established fact that many homes, that are sold, are never listed with estate agents, and there are many reasons for that reality. So it is reasonable to conclude that buyers never see everything that would suit their needs. It is also a reality that listing a home with an estate agent or agency necessitates the invasion of privacy and the loss of confidentiality. For these, and other reasons, some home owners are reluctant to list their homes with estate agents or agencies.

But what if there was a service that ensured your privacy and the confidentiality of your intent to purchase or sell a home. A service that ensures that you have considered all the purchase options, and enables property owners to market the properties they have for sale, extremely effectively, without sacrificing the conditions that are the very essence of their  lifestyle.

Well consider this. If buyers could list the profiles of the properties they wish to purchase without public disclosure of their identity / personal profile, and sellers could interrogate the buyers listings, identify a profile or profiles that match the profiles of the property they wish to sell, and viewings and negotiations only happened once a match was found.  The entire purchase and sale process could be simplified, streamlined, and concluded, without the loss of privacy or confidentiality.

It is important to note that:

  • Only qualified buyers profiles would be listed for seller inspection. That qualification would be assured by the service provider of this unique service.
  • This ensures that the buyer information is current and accurate, and that the buyer is financially competent to transact should he or she find a matching profile.
  • The costs of purchase or sale are minimized and are set up front. So there is no room for dispute or dissatisfaction after the fact.
  • Only qualified sellers would be introduced to the buyer or buyers they identify as a match for the properties they own. Once again the qualification will be done by the service provider.
  • All property information presented to a buyer would be current and qualified. So there is no time wasted looking at, tracking down, or inspecting properties that are not really for sale, or have been sold and are no longer for sale.
  • Nor will properties be presented if the service provider is not satisfied that the price is reasonable. All the necessary steps having been taken to establish fair market value for the seller and the buyer.

For those who expect, and demand, more, or exceptional, this new property service satisfies even the most demanding expectations.

The new paradigm enable buyers to get to see everything that meets the property profile they select. It also enables sellers to effectively offer the properties they have for sale and avoid all the current deficiencies that accompany a conventional listing with an agent or agency.

None of the above precludes the essential services of a competent, qualifies, experienced, estate professional.

This is the real estate norm of the future.