A Property Consultant that goes the extra mile

One of the most frustrating aspects of listing your property for sale is the silence or the void that follows the listing.

I could be wrong, but once you have listed your property you have an expectation that things will happen to bring about the sale of the property. This expectation is even greater when your plans for the future are determined by the sale and the money you believe you can realize for the property.

If, at the outset, you clearly state that you are a serious seller, take the necessary time to establish a realistic market related value for your property with the consultants help, and disclose your reasons for wishing to sell the property. The consultant should draw up and present to you, within days of the first interview, the proposed plan of action that will facilitate the sale of the property.

The most important component of that proposal is the amount of time the consultant is prepared to devote to the marketing of the property.  Urgency demands action, and action is not simply the exposure of the property via the agency office / network / internet/ or printed media. These actions should form part of any marketing process and the value of the property normally determines the extent of that exposure.

But there is another dimension to marketing that sets professional consultants apart from the pack. These actions clearly relay, to the property owner, the daily activity that will bring about the desired sale.

When you can see what is being done.  When you are constantly informed regarding the what, where, when, and who. When you are not left guessing or wondering, but are clearly informed of every planned and real time activity.  When you know who has been to view the property, the number of visitors, and you share in the information and feedback related to those viewings, you cannot but be assured that the consultant responsible for marketing your property, is going the extra mile.

The marketing of a property is a process and more often than not adjustments are needed to ensure the continuation, and conclusion, of this process.  Non communication and silence are not conducive, and are often clear indicators of neglect or inattention. In this instance silence is not golden.

The question is not “Do you want to sell your property?”  It’s the by when, the urgency, if any, and the manner in which your expectations are determined, understood, and met.

If you are an urgent seller and you are willing to engage the the expertise of a professional consultant that will deliver on your expectations, then I invite you contact me.

Peter Dijkstra 082 493 1520 


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